Back to school blog hop: Oral game

Hello Friends! Welcome back to Funmonkeybars!

I know! So long, right? I am also amazed to see that the last time I was here was one year ago...
I also have to say that I totally understand. I can't be everywhere and during the school year I do a lot of things for my students, for my family and for myself… Not time enough!

Social media are overwhelming but they are faster to write and to share so if you like what I do follow me on Instagram or Twitter...

In this back to school blog hop I want to share an oral game I do on the first days of school.
I think it is very important to help students know each other and this activity is great to break the ice. I use it also to practice questions and answers to introduce people so they can review them and continue asking and answering about themselves once the activity is over.

I hope you like it!!

Ready for the next stop on the hop??
The next stop on this Back to school blog hop is the amazing Monica Olivera from Mommy Maestra!
Head on over and check out what she has to share with you!

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Gema Perez from fun monkey bars


  1. Oh, this is so much fun and I know the students will love it! Thanks for sharing such a great resource.

  2. So fun. I can't wait to use this with my students. I know they will love it!


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