Thursday, June 20, 2013

New blog about dual immersion

Elementary teachers listen up!!
During more than a year I have been reading and participating in amazing blogs. I have learnt and shared a lot of work with those terrific teachers all over the world. I´ve decided it´s time for me to do the same...(or at least I´m going to try it).
I have met a wonderful teacher who lives near me and I´m going to take some wonderful lessons to improve all my skills and abilities in the new technologies (I love it!!)
I´m going to start improving the blog reading and studying and I will be back with my lessons, photos, activities and everything related with the school.
I teach Spanish in a Dual Immersion School and I adore it! I really am fascinated with the school, the students and all the training I´m having about it. I will share all my thoughts and discoveries.
Hope you like my new "Fun Monkey Bars" blog!!