Sunday, January 31, 2016


Teaching English as a Second Language in Second Grade is AWESOME!! I LOVE IT!!! I love how exciting this subject is and the enthusiastic my kids are. They love having English class and I take care of them planning everything carefully, in advance and with a purpose. I work as hard as my students do because they give me even more than what I give them.
One of the activities I prepare and I continue doing it periodically because I feel they love it and they learn a lot while they move is a WALKING READING!

I prepare flashcards about the topic we are practicing. Each flashcard contains an engaging picture and a paragraph with one, two or three short sentences.

Then I hang them around the classroom and I give them some questions they have to answer.
They can work alone, in pairs or in small groups and they try to find all the answers.

When they finish we talk about it and they can do different activities, each time a different one (comprehension sheet, four squares writing, small group poster, preparing an oral presentation about the same or a similar topic, lap book, flip book...)

I have done some of these products active on my tpt page (those about sharks, tigers and snakes) both in English and in Spanish and I continue working on other interesting topics and animals (I have to arrive at least to seven different animals because I have seven groups in my class and I want to do a final activity about them and I need one different animal for each group). I will post about it soon.

If you would like to take a look here you have the link to one of them in English and in Spanish.

Thank you for reading! Come back soon!
Gema Perez from FUN MONKEY BARS