Friday, March 27, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day

What an interesting life to learn traditions, culture and history!! Saint Patrick's story life is amazing and we can read, sing, play, everything relating to this unit...
We started with a song (I'm looking over a four leaf clover" It was soooo fun!!) to learn some vocabulary and I explained the life of Saint Patrick.
After that we did a karaoke with another song about Saint Patrick's life. Later I gave the children the lyrics but in lines and they had to listen to the song and order the lyrics.
I have to say that all these activities were a monthly project and we were doing them in different days!!
Another activity I loved was a reading. This time the reading was fun for everyone because I separated it in paragraphs and hang them all over the wall. I gave them a worksheet with the questions they had to answer and they started walking around and finding the correct responses.
...And of course we had to decorate the door of our room!! The children wanted to do it by themselves and I only was a "helper".
We did tens of clovers and shamrocks they took home and we also play a game!! We prepared a paper to ask questions about Saint Patrick with all the things we had learned.
What a great project and how fun! I enjoyed but more important than this... my students loved it!!!