Thursday, February 6, 2014

Water cycle

Working on the Water Cycle... Great Unit!!
Change of matter, new vocabulary... challenge accepted!!
Here are some photos with different activities we have been working on.
First we learn about the vocabulary... We watched a great video and practice the learned vocabulary with the flashcards and labels on this photo. I gave one card for each children and they arrange themselves in the correct order. They had to explain me why they made this particular order.

The second activity was a triptych about the water cycle...Writing, coloring, cutting and folding a great activity for them to understand how the water makes its particular trip.

Another activity they loved was the story "Drop's trip". It is the story of a drop of water and where it travels, going from the sea to the air, forming a cloud and coming back again to the sea.
I did the activity on the first photo but I also had it to form a mini book.
Both are available in my teachers pay teachers store (as always in Spanish and in English).
If you need the triptych activity or the video in Spanish send me an email or comment this post.