Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall blog hop: 7 -9 november

Hello friends!
Here we are again, having fun meeting with other Bilingual Friends.
This time I was thinking to share some maths. I love maths and I am always thinking how to make my students faster when they do additions or substractions.
So I planned to do a serie of worksheets to review all the tricks that I give the children to calculate faster.
I am going to start with +9. Something very important because they used to count with their fingers and these kind of addditions can be soooo long. I invented a story to make them think faster and I prepared different worksheets to practise it.
Click here to download it.
Enjoy the freebie while the blog hop!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Parent conference night

After doing the beautiful fish with my kiddos we decorated our background at the door. I liked the result very much...
I finished covering the boards just before our Back to school night. I couldn't do too much because I don't have too much board or wall to cover but I'm doing my best to have decorated beautiful and useful boards.

On the desks there were some letters the students wrote for their parents. All of them were very enthusiastic about it and they told their parents they had a special surprise on their desks... All the families but one came to the meeting... It was a success. The parents wrote a response for their children on the back of the paper. The next day in the morning the surprise was for the students who were very happy reading what their parents wrote to them. Here you have some examples...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to school bilingual blog hop and rafflecopter!

I´m so excited to start a new school year... I know this is going to be a special year because I am going to put into practice a lot of new ideas I have from my time in USA. Let´s see how they work here in Spain!!
I am so happy!! Prepared!! Ready to start!! But... I have to wait until September... this is the month when we start school although I´m already set and working in new things...
This first school day I´m going to start with a new project. It is going to be related to fish. I have done a kit for this special day. 
First I am going to do a pair of welcome bags for the kids. 
In one of them I´m going to include some fish shape sweets. I know that you have this Swedish Fish  in USA but I haven´t found them in Spain so I have bought this other sea related candies:
I will print the colored page that you can find in the freebie (you can find it in both, Spanish and English) and I will add it to the bag. (Cut each picture and fold them along the dotted line to staple it to the small bags).
Second, during recess, I will give the children another little bag made with small fish cookies.  (I am going to do my own but there are also small goldfish bags already done)
At the door I am going to do a big sea life background and I´m going to give each children a fish to color and to write their names in. After they finish we will glue them on the sea background at the door. 
I love the students to help me decorating the room and with this activity they will start feeling a part of the new class, the new group, the new family that we have formed for this school year. In the freebie you also will find the fish they have to color.
Click here to get the FREEBIE

I am going to prepare some worksheets with this same topic to see where their levels are in math, language arts and reading. I will add these worksheets to my TPT store when I finish them (This year I will start school on September the 3rd!). 

I am going to do all the units and projects in Spanish and in English so you can have the one you need. 
The reason I chose FISH to start this year is because I want the students to feel as a part of a big group where we need each other to succeed and improve. There always will be different kind of fish but we will be a SCHOOL OF FISH! going on and growing up together, helping our mates and building a safe and friendly environment where they feel comfortable and happy.
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Freebie for JULY 4 and new bilingual bloghop!

Hello friends!!

Can you guess??... Yes, I am on "holidays", like most of you, and I am a little disconnected with my loved blog... I am a little more active in Facebook but not as much as I would like.

I'm trying to travel and discover places of this awesome world that we have and I am very grateful for... My last trip was to Yellowstone...AMAZING gets small compared with the MAJESTY of this National Park.

I am also moving back to Spain... you know what this means... PACKING!! PACKING!! PACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and being crazy to put all the stuff I want to carry with me inside the suitcases... :( Why do they have to weight only 50 pounds?????? :......(

In the meanwhile (between a suitcase and a trip) I have created a simple writing prompt for you that are active here during July... It is free and you can download it in Spanish and English (as all my products on tpt). Just click HERE to go to tpt and download it.

  Even though it has been impossible to be part of the blog hop there is a new bilingual one coming soon. Here you have the information so you can go and take advantage of the great products that I'm sure my co workers are doing. I'm sure I'll be there for the next one that I'm thinking it will be about "Back to School".

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Blog Hop
Good morning friends!!!
Ready for new freebies from the best  bloggers on Earth!!!
Here you are going to be able to find new stores and blogs to follow and new and interesting resources and friends!
I chose to give you a freebie about 2-D Shapes. They are cards to work in small groups, centers or individually. My students love cards. I will post about how to use them with photos of my class when we did it.
Today is my last day of school and you could imagine how crazy this day is... Let me recover and I come back to explain it on Saturday.
Hope you like my freebie and become a new follower in any of my options (facebook, tweeter, teachers pay teachers, pinterest or this blog who is feeling too lonely... :(
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We are learning The life cycle in our class and the incubator arrived just in time!!
This is the incubator with our five eggs. We learned that they need to be incubated and the most vital factor of incubation is the constant temperature required for its development. In the incubator they were at 100 degrees (more or less) and they need to be there because they didn't have their mom.
After two days (the eggs came nearly to hatch) the first egg started to move, and we saw a little hole!! It was so little, as you can see, but we were super excited.
After some hours we could see the first chick!!
And as you see in the picture some other eggs were starting to hatch!!
In just three days we had the five chicks alive!! We were super happy because last year we weren't as lucky as this year and two eggs didn't hatch... :(

Aren't they cute??
Here there is a beautiful picture of their progress...
And in the classroom we did a project I found on pinterest super fun for the students and very helpful to learn about the Life cycle...
This is the project...
And here we have some students working on it...

Super fun!!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Here it is!!! The bilingual blog hop is ready to go!!
In Spanish we would say... ¡LO PROMETIDO ES DEUDA! meaning that we have to do what we said we would do... And.. here it is... The first bilingual blog hop with great activities to download, freebies to get or rafflecopter to participate...

I would love to give you something free. "Cinco de mayo" is coming and also "Mother's Day"... I was thinking about what to do and at last I decided to do a bundle with two of my products about "Cinco de Mayo". One of them is about Geometry and the other is about Language Arts... Both are in Spanish and in English so you can choose the one that fits best for each of you.

I just ask you to leave a comment on the tpt when you download the freebie. It is going to be free just for the blog hop, May 3-6, so take advantage of it during this weekend.

All the bilingual bloggers participating in this blog hop want you to know that there are a lot of great products in Spanish and we would love you to follow us...
So, here I post my different webs for you to follow...



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Happy hopping!!

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Mother's Day

Already thinking and working on Mother's Day!!
Every day we should tell our moms how much we love them, how much they help us, how necessary they are in our lives.
I do!! I do it everyday... I kiss her any chance I have, I hug her when I am close to her and... I miss her when I am far from her... moreover when is nearly one year without seeing her... :(
So... Let's let them know!! At least, once a year, in their special day... MOTHER'S DAY.
Here you have an activity I am doing in the classroom with my students. I am doing it in Spanish but you can also find it in English in my tpt store.
They can pick up a flower from the pot to let the children know how they can help at home...
Look at the kiddos how well they work!

And here is a picture of the finished activity...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Science Blog hop!

I have a great activity for this Science Blog Hop... Learning about seeds and the life cycle of a plant while tasting them and talking about our five senses. Everything with different recipes of the same seed: The super healthy CHIA SEED!!
If you didn't know about them it's time to try them. Go to pinterest look for recipes and grab this freebie during the Blog Hop!

And if you want to continue hoping click on the next picture to go to the next blog... Enjoy!!!

Dual Immersion Blog Hop!!

Are you interested in Dual Immersion? In teaching Spanish? or in products in Spanish and in English??
Some friends and I are going to have a Dual Immersion blog hop to celebrate CINCO DE MAYO.
The blog hop will take place from 3 to 5 of May and you will be able to have a lot of freebies about this special date.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 25: World Penguin Day

I have been working on a great math activity about problem solving. It is a cute foldable craft around the topic: PENGUINS because we celebrate World Penguin Day on the 25th of this month.
Hopefully it will appear on educents this Friday so you will be able to have it for free but if you miss it you can go to my tpt store and look for it. It is going to be 25 % off this week. Hope you like it.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Huge giveaway!,

I am so glad to participate in this spring giveaway!!
You can go to this blog and enter to win:
Have you found which one is mine??
If you find out what project belongs to funmonkeybars write a comment on my blog. The first five comments will receive the product by free!
Don't forget to tell me your e-mail!
Happy spring for all of you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This week we are reading about dinosaurs. The story is called "The big circle" ("El gran círculo") and it talks about how animal communities cooperate to help each other.
I love this unit. Children love dinosaurs and we learn a lot of new vocabulary in Spanish. They love to talk about dinosaurs and I use it to develop the unit as much as I can.
In this photo you can see one of my wall boards about the story. One of the activities we do is a craft about the topic we are reading about.

So this time DINOSAURS was the one. Here you have some pictures of the classroom and the work they did...

With only half paper plate and a copy (on a card stock paper) with the head, tail and legs they could do this great project...


Aren't they great?