Sunday, June 14, 2015


On February I posted talking about a new product I uploaded to tpt about the sentence structure along with blends and digraphs... While doing it I also prepared other activities to work with while enjoying and learning. One of them was a bag plenty of foam forms (squares, rectangles, ovals...) that work the same way as the booklet I prepared. I gave one bag to each group I had in my class and they had to build sentences using nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc.

At the beginning the kids had to form sentences using the forms I said they had to use and at the end it was free so they could do their own sentences with the words they wanted, even they had empty foam ones so they had to talk to their partners in the group and decide in which color and form they should write the words they wanted to use.

I also prepared some bags working the same concepts but in Spanish.
If you want to take a look into the product that works with this I give you the link here:
In Spanish and in English.

Valencia: Tabalet i dolçaina

Another great and typical thing that we have in Valencia has to be with music. We have two special instruments called "TABALET" and "DOLÇAINA". They are kind of a drum and kind of a recorder. Their sound is amazing. The first one is called "Tamboril" in Spanish, it belongs to percussion instruments, it is a snare drum that hangs from the player's belt and is played with two sticks. The second one, the dulzaina (Spanish: [dulˈθaina]) or dolçaina (Valencian: [doɫˈsajna]), is a Spanish double reed instrument in the oboe family. It has a conical shape and has a penetrating, very powerful sound.

I am so happy my son plays the "tabalet" and, hopefully, next year I'm going to start learning how to play the "dolçaina".

Last Friday we went to a concert where we listened to four different groups playing these instruments. The concert was called : MOSTRA DE MÚSICA POPULAR Mª AUXILIADORA (show of popular music from the city)

My son's group has the privilege to play in different events that take place in Valencia, like in these photos.

And we can hear these instruments in most of the Valencian events during the year, like this one:

The concert was great and it sounded so powerful. The conductor of the group is called Antonio de la Asunción and I admired him deeply. He is a great musician and compositor and the way he conducts the musical group is amazing. Good job Antonio!