Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spanish syllables: Closed syllables, blendings...

I just have finished an amazing project about sentence structure and closed syllables in Spanish.
It has been a while since I need some materials to work with these students that have difficulties to separate the words when they write a sentence and those who mix the closed syllables and invert the order of these letters when writing.
I have prepared 31 worksheets to reinforce and work with the kids who are starting to write or those who have special difficulties in language.
I use it in first and second grades and the students love them. They can work individually, in centers so I can help them or even with the whole group.
I started this project in Spanish because I have the need right now but I am also going to work on this in English for blends and digraphs.
Besides they start to structure the language and to learn the different grammatical words we can find in a language (nouns, adjectives and verbs). They learn them without difficulty and, at the beginning, without knowing the terms we use to label these grammatical words. When we are working on the sheets for a while we can teach their names and their differences and when and how to use them.
I am really very excited about it because I know it works and the pupils learn.

 Let me know if you have anything to add or if you need any help. Thanks