Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to school bilingual blog hop and rafflecopter!

I´m so excited to start a new school year... I know this is going to be a special year because I am going to put into practice a lot of new ideas I have from my time in USA. Let´s see how they work here in Spain!!
I am so happy!! Prepared!! Ready to start!! But... I have to wait until September... this is the month when we start school although I´m already set and working in new things...
This first school day I´m going to start with a new project. It is going to be related to fish. I have done a kit for this special day. 
First I am going to do a pair of welcome bags for the kids. 
In one of them I´m going to include some fish shape sweets. I know that you have this Swedish Fish  in USA but I haven´t found them in Spain so I have bought this other sea related candies:
I will print the colored page that you can find in the freebie (you can find it in both, Spanish and English) and I will add it to the bag. (Cut each picture and fold them along the dotted line to staple it to the small bags).
Second, during recess, I will give the children another little bag made with small fish cookies.  (I am going to do my own but there are also small goldfish bags already done)
At the door I am going to do a big sea life background and I´m going to give each children a fish to color and to write their names in. After they finish we will glue them on the sea background at the door. 
I love the students to help me decorating the room and with this activity they will start feeling a part of the new class, the new group, the new family that we have formed for this school year. In the freebie you also will find the fish they have to color.
Click here to get the FREEBIE

I am going to prepare some worksheets with this same topic to see where their levels are in math, language arts and reading. I will add these worksheets to my TPT store when I finish them (This year I will start school on September the 3rd!). 

I am going to do all the units and projects in Spanish and in English so you can have the one you need. 
The reason I chose FISH to start this year is because I want the students to feel as a part of a big group where we need each other to succeed and improve. There always will be different kind of fish but we will be a SCHOOL OF FISH! going on and growing up together, helping our mates and building a safe and friendly environment where they feel comfortable and happy.
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