Wednesday, March 19, 2014

FALLAS PROJECT... Celebration in Valencia (Spain) brought to UTAH!!

We have been busy working on this project...
Fallas is a traditional celebration held in commemoration of St. Joseph in Valencia, Spain. It is celebrated from the 15th to the 19th of March every year.
The term "Fallas" or in our local language "Falles" refers to both the celebration and the monuments created to be exposed and finally burned during this celebration.
There are a lot of traditions that I wanted to share with my first graders but I just shared the most important ones...

In the school we started searching about it and watching and printing photos of the most important customs and we did a big poster with pictures showing great moments.
We colored one typical dress and we glued a photo of our face on it... So cute!
After that we made "petardos" (Firecrackers) and we hanged them around the classroom.

Of course we did our monument, our falla, on a paper and we added some tissue paper to simulate they were on fire!!

During the big day, the 19th, we did our own bands to become a FALLERO,

And we did the "Presentation" in which each fallero receives its band among applause and hurrays. 

 We had our special "child meal", a little different from Valencia because we can't find the same products that we eat there, but something similar...
And, of course, we needed noise!! and we weren't able to throw bangers or firecrackers so we popped some balloons (as some children do in their communities in Fallas)

Finally we saw some videos on youtube about the flowers Falleros give to Mary, some fireworks at night and how the Fallas are burned in Valencia at night on the 19th...