Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Word wall in Spanish

I have started teaching the vowels in Spanish... I am working with "Estrellita method" but I am adapting and adding a lot of resources from other Spanish reading methods.
First of all in Estrellita method they teach the vowels but they don't teach each consonant as we do in Spain or in English when the students are starting to read. This is one of the reasons I use other resources.
In my classroom I have this wall

Right know I have all the vowels and the syllables we can form with them but I am working them step by step...
The first consonants to review and study (it is supposed that the students already know the alphabet) are m, p, l, s and t. With that five consonants and all the vowels you can form a lot of words and sentences.
I teach the vowels one by one and I spend some days in the same sound. I play with them and I teach new vocabulary with words starting with the sound we are studying. I use a lot of mimics and memory games as well as race games with fly swatters!! They love them. I will make some photos so you can see how they play.
I also have another wall with all the alphabets. Because I don't have too much place in my room I have put them in the cabinet.
I found this Spanish alphabet in teachers pay teachers. Here you have the link where you can download them:
I also made a poster with this other alphabet...

I use to sing songs to teach how to match consonants with vowels (for example: "M, A, M, A, MA, MA, MA. La m con la a, la ma con la a, la m con la a, se dice ma". Maybe I do a video and I upload into youtube so you can see me)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

First day! Exciting...and tiring!!

At last it is here... All the preparation for the beginning of the year has come to a great day!!
How wonderful it is. New faces, new expectations, new materials, new supplies, new books, new... everything.
First day for first graders is always something exciting but for my children is even more than that because they start to learn a new language. They all are immerse into Spanish... I can't talk to them in English and, at the beginning, they all stare at me like I am from another planet. Some of them guess what I am explaining and they try to tell the others what my words mean.. It's hilarious and fantastic!!
Of course is very difficult to explain the rules in Spanish just the first day so my English partner and me join two groups to explain the important things in English (My partner does because I'm not allow to speak in English). Here we have a photo of the moment...

We have been walking around the school showing them all the important rooms and we have played with them during recess.
They wanted to work in the classroom, of course this was the first day... So we have done different activities to start learning the new vocabulary and routines in the Spanish classroom. We have played Simon says, we have followed the leader, we have learnt and practiced routines like walking from the desks to the rug, making a line, raising their hands to talk...and of course we have been learning the most important sentence, the sentence of the year... do you guess??? "Puedo ir al baño, por favor??... Can I go to the restroom?"
We only have had time to one page, a picture to put as a cover in their Spanish folders. If you want it follow me and send me a message and I will send you the cover page.
I have had enough for today so I go to continue preparing things at home...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School Night

                Back to school night!!

Who has said that it was a smooth path?? Anybody! Right!!
This morning we had to prepare everything for the meeting with the parents. After more than two weeks working in my classroom I haven't finished all the things I wanted to do for today... If you ask me why I can say that I have a new classroom and I have to prepare most of my materials because they have to be in Spanish and I like to have the things perfect... Moreover I don't have too much to spend buying things so... I had to make them myself (thing that I actually like :) )
So, after preparing with my partner everything for the meeting we didn't have too much time to finish the classroom.. Labels, posters, photocopies for the first days, worksheets...
But.. don,t panic! What did I do?? Hiding!! Yes, hiding all the things I didn't finish... Tomorrow I will have to reorder them but the parents loved how the classroom looked like...
Parents happy, children happy, teacher happy!
This photo shows one of my projects... Nice cabinets!
You can see the difference between the old boring ones and how it becomes a new beautiful cabinet (at least I'm very satisfied for the change and for my hard work)

Do you like it?? I feel pleased and smug!

First Day of School ... for teachers (officially)

First Day of School!!
On Monday we had the official welcome to the new school year.
We had the Opening Institute with all the teachers belonging to the Iron County School District.
We had an awesome agenda that started with the Middle School Musical Band. The District Board members gave awards to the teachers who celebrated 5, 10, 15, 20... years in the District. The principals from the different schools welcomed (one by one) the new teachers. The new Superintendent gave us an interesting conference about teaching and we had a snack before going to our school again.
We had a gift to have in mind that we are going to start a new road with our new kids.
We spend the afternoon  working on our rooms to prepare them for the meeting with the parents on Tuesday.
Here there are some photos from the day.
 Middle School Band


Gift!! Isn't it great?!

And me working in different projects...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Educents for teachers

Materials for teachers.... deals, giveaways... is a web where you can find different materials with discounts, deals or other surprises...  They provide a wide selection of educational materials and I'm sure you can find something for your class there. I have found educents from another blog: The teacher's cauldron and I am very glad to discover it. Now they have a special "Back to School Bundle" I recommend and I've also bought Spanish Talking story books for my dual immersion classroom. Go there and take a look maybe you can find something interesting. Enjoy!