Thursday, August 15, 2013

First day! Exciting...and tiring!!

At last it is here... All the preparation for the beginning of the year has come to a great day!!
How wonderful it is. New faces, new expectations, new materials, new supplies, new books, new... everything.
First day for first graders is always something exciting but for my children is even more than that because they start to learn a new language. They all are immerse into Spanish... I can't talk to them in English and, at the beginning, they all stare at me like I am from another planet. Some of them guess what I am explaining and they try to tell the others what my words mean.. It's hilarious and fantastic!!
Of course is very difficult to explain the rules in Spanish just the first day so my English partner and me join two groups to explain the important things in English (My partner does because I'm not allow to speak in English). Here we have a photo of the moment...

We have been walking around the school showing them all the important rooms and we have played with them during recess.
They wanted to work in the classroom, of course this was the first day... So we have done different activities to start learning the new vocabulary and routines in the Spanish classroom. We have played Simon says, we have followed the leader, we have learnt and practiced routines like walking from the desks to the rug, making a line, raising their hands to talk...and of course we have been learning the most important sentence, the sentence of the year... do you guess??? "Puedo ir al baño, por favor??... Can I go to the restroom?"
We only have had time to one page, a picture to put as a cover in their Spanish folders. If you want it follow me and send me a message and I will send you the cover page.
I have had enough for today so I go to continue preparing things at home...

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