Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Word wall in Spanish

I have started teaching the vowels in Spanish... I am working with "Estrellita method" but I am adapting and adding a lot of resources from other Spanish reading methods.
First of all in Estrellita method they teach the vowels but they don't teach each consonant as we do in Spain or in English when the students are starting to read. This is one of the reasons I use other resources.
In my classroom I have this wall

Right know I have all the vowels and the syllables we can form with them but I am working them step by step...
The first consonants to review and study (it is supposed that the students already know the alphabet) are m, p, l, s and t. With that five consonants and all the vowels you can form a lot of words and sentences.
I teach the vowels one by one and I spend some days in the same sound. I play with them and I teach new vocabulary with words starting with the sound we are studying. I use a lot of mimics and memory games as well as race games with fly swatters!! They love them. I will make some photos so you can see how they play.
I also have another wall with all the alphabets. Because I don't have too much place in my room I have put them in the cabinet.
I found this Spanish alphabet in teachers pay teachers. Here you have the link where you can download them:
I also made a poster with this other alphabet...

I use to sing songs to teach how to match consonants with vowels (for example: "M, A, M, A, MA, MA, MA. La m con la a, la ma con la a, la m con la a, se dice ma". Maybe I do a video and I upload into youtube so you can see me)

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  1. I see you use Estrellita. I love that curriculum for teaching reading. I wish they would update it. It needs a facelift. LOL