Wednesday, February 3, 2016

math craft... mental calculation easy!

As important as reading is mental calculation. Students should do it fast and being sure of their answers.
I practice maths daily. I start with one trick and we work on it and practice it during a while until we go on to the next trick.
Once we've been learning some tricks we continue working on them because I don't want them to forget them!!!
So we prepare this flip book with some of the tricks:

It is easy to build:
First we have to cut the pages in two and fold every part along the dotted lines...

 Then we have to build a flip book putting one  inside the other in order

To finish we staple the flip book on the top.


We work with this flip book on some worksheets and printables. We also have some posters with the tricks on our math wall.

You can see the flipbook and the posters on my tpt account. The worksheets will come soon...

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog.

Gema Perez from Fun Monkey Bars