Thursday, January 22, 2015

Valentine's Day bilingual activity


When you teach students a second language you realize that one of the better ways to connect to the students is through songs and stories...
Valentines Day is coming up and I know a great tale to work on with my students... It was such a success and I wanted to share it with you. (This year I will do the English version with 5th graders and the Spanish version with 2nd graders).

The story is "El soldadito de plomo" and you can find it in English as "The steadfast tin soldier" or as "The hardy tin soldier" and it is a great love story between a soldier and a ballerina. You can work on the story and you can use it to go through a huge variety of contents and activities.
I have prepared a beautiful craftivity for you to hang on your walls. You can find it HERE.

I like my students to watch the movie before starting to work on it. Here you have the Spanish and the English versions from youtube.
Spanish version:

English version: (sorry, it comes in three parts...)
I have also uploaded a video to explain how to do the activity...It's my first video of this kind and I hope you like it. Here you have it...

If you go to this LINK you´ll find more activities and ideas to work with this story.
Don´t doubt it, it´s a win - win!! Enjoy!!

Door deco

Last week in my school we had a special moment. Each classroom prepared a card with our need-to-accomplish resolutions. Kids wanted PEACE FOR THE WORLD (what I think is a great one!) We talked about "What can we do to have this desired peace??"and after thinking about it we decided to start with BEING GOOD FRIENDS AND HELPING EACH OTHER RESPECTING EVERYONE´S OPINION... Something that we can afford to do...
Each  classroom tied this card to a balloon and went outside. After a beautiful ceremony all the school let them go and we found our gorgeous blue sky covered with tons of color.

I decided we had to think about our resolutions and the good purposes we were talking before, during the preparation, and I gave all the students a colored paper to write their thoughts on. They wrote them and cut them with a balloon shape and we decorated our door.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Valentines Day Bilingual Blog Hop

Wow!! A lovely day is coming!!! A special date is arriving!!Let's celebrate it!!
Let's celebrate the power of love in our classroom, in our school, with our friends, with the people who is around us every day... our students!
We have prepared an amazing Blog Hop with lots of Spanish or bilingual resources for you to enjoy.
You know you can participate in my Rafflecopter 

 but I also have created a freebie following the same topic (The story about "The hardy tin soldier"). You can download it HERE

I created all of this unit about "The hardy tin soldier" because last year it worked great in my classroom. I didn´t have some of the pages I have prepared this year but I had some material coming from here:
You can go there and download the story in Spanish or the pictures to put them in order or start another literacy center...
There are a thousand things you can do with all these materials. I hope you like it and you use it in your classroom. Let me know how it works or send me some pictures of your students hanging the beautiful soldiers you can win in the giveaway.

To continue with the blog hop click on the next picture

Have fun!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Life cycle...Frog, Chicken, Bee...

Last week we were talking and studying about frogs in the English Immersion classroom. We did a great craft all together and we learned new vocabulary. We read, talked and listened to different facts about them.
After spending some lessons working on frogs and life cycle in general the students had to do a craft about any animal or plant to explain its life cycle.
There were GREAT projects and here we have some of them...

I learned from them, they did amazing projects and they worked very hard but if I had to choose only one maybe the next one would be my choice...

Well done !!!