Thursday, January 22, 2015

Door deco

Last week in my school we had a special moment. Each classroom prepared a card with our need-to-accomplish resolutions. Kids wanted PEACE FOR THE WORLD (what I think is a great one!) We talked about "What can we do to have this desired peace??"and after thinking about it we decided to start with BEING GOOD FRIENDS AND HELPING EACH OTHER RESPECTING EVERYONE´S OPINION... Something that we can afford to do...
Each  classroom tied this card to a balloon and went outside. After a beautiful ceremony all the school let them go and we found our gorgeous blue sky covered with tons of color.

I decided we had to think about our resolutions and the good purposes we were talking before, during the preparation, and I gave all the students a colored paper to write their thoughts on. They wrote them and cut them with a balloon shape and we decorated our door.

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