Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School Night

                Back to school night!!

Who has said that it was a smooth path?? Anybody! Right!!
This morning we had to prepare everything for the meeting with the parents. After more than two weeks working in my classroom I haven't finished all the things I wanted to do for today... If you ask me why I can say that I have a new classroom and I have to prepare most of my materials because they have to be in Spanish and I like to have the things perfect... Moreover I don't have too much to spend buying things so... I had to make them myself (thing that I actually like :) )
So, after preparing with my partner everything for the meeting we didn't have too much time to finish the classroom.. Labels, posters, photocopies for the first days, worksheets...
But.. don,t panic! What did I do?? Hiding!! Yes, hiding all the things I didn't finish... Tomorrow I will have to reorder them but the parents loved how the classroom looked like...
Parents happy, children happy, teacher happy!
This photo shows one of my projects... Nice cabinets!
You can see the difference between the old boring ones and how it becomes a new beautiful cabinet (at least I'm very satisfied for the change and for my hard work)

Do you like it?? I feel pleased and smug!

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