Saturday, June 6, 2015

Reading passages

While I was looking for passages in English for my ESL students I was thinking what I wanted. I would like to find easy texts related with a topic so we can work on thematic vocabulary while checking for comprehensive reading. I also would love that they could do it by themselves (as homework to do at home or on holidays) or to work individually or in groups in the classroom. I also wanted activities that involved this vocabulary and also fun activities to check for understanding. Some activities prepared by Native Speakers with engaging clipart and a nice aspect, ready to print and go. Even with the answer keys in case I give them the activities to do with their parents who can not help them because they don´t know the language...
Once again I realized I could help my fellow teachers with these request doing what I was looking for but in Spanish. Thought and done!
I have prepared reading activities that I also use with my Spanish Native Speakers students. They are my testing friends. When they work with these pages I can say if they are enjoying or not, if they are too high or to easy to do, if they have any misspelling or mistake...
They loved them.

I showed them that I had a bunch of them and they asked me for more when they finished one. This is a great signal that they are working with excitement, learning with motivation and this is what every teacher wants.
I am looking for doing these activities as a motivational reward once they have finished other tasks. I have prepared a binder with numbered copies and they can go and choose one per day. They have a reading passport with 23 numbers and they cross the one they have done in order to know which one is left for another day. They are really engaged and they look other´s passports and compare and talk about the readings and their likes! This is what we want, aren´t we??
Check them in this link! And go to my facebook page to like and comment this post and I'll give away one set for the back to school party in August...

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