Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We are learning The life cycle in our class and the incubator arrived just in time!!
This is the incubator with our five eggs. We learned that they need to be incubated and the most vital factor of incubation is the constant temperature required for its development. In the incubator they were at 100 degrees (more or less) and they need to be there because they didn't have their mom.
After two days (the eggs came nearly to hatch) the first egg started to move, and we saw a little hole!! It was so little, as you can see, but we were super excited.
After some hours we could see the first chick!!
And as you see in the picture some other eggs were starting to hatch!!
In just three days we had the five chicks alive!! We were super happy because last year we weren't as lucky as this year and two eggs didn't hatch... :(

Aren't they cute??
Here there is a beautiful picture of their progress...
And in the classroom we did a project I found on pinterest super fun for the students and very helpful to learn about the Life cycle...
This is the project...
And here we have some students working on it...

Super fun!!!

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  1. We've hatched chicks (and other eggs - ducks last year and quail this year) for the last 3 years. It is SO much fun and the kids love it! Yours are super cute!