Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Blog Hop
Good morning friends!!!
Ready for new freebies from the best  bloggers on Earth!!!
Here you are going to be able to find new stores and blogs to follow and new and interesting resources and friends!
I chose to give you a freebie about 2-D Shapes. They are cards to work in small groups, centers or individually. My students love cards. I will post about how to use them with photos of my class when we did it.
Today is my last day of school and you could imagine how crazy this day is... Let me recover and I come back to explain it on Saturday.
Hope you like my freebie and become a new follower in any of my options (facebook, tweeter, teachers pay teachers, pinterest or this blog who is feeling too lonely... :(
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  1. Thanks for sharing this 2d activity! It will really help my students!