Friday, May 2, 2014

Mother's Day

Already thinking and working on Mother's Day!!
Every day we should tell our moms how much we love them, how much they help us, how necessary they are in our lives.
I do!! I do it everyday... I kiss her any chance I have, I hug her when I am close to her and... I miss her when I am far from her... moreover when is nearly one year without seeing her... :(
So... Let's let them know!! At least, once a year, in their special day... MOTHER'S DAY.
Here you have an activity I am doing in the classroom with my students. I am doing it in Spanish but you can also find it in English in my tpt store.
They can pick up a flower from the pot to let the children know how they can help at home...
Look at the kiddos how well they work!

And here is a picture of the finished activity...

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