Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall blog hop: 7 -9 november

Hello friends!
Here we are again, having fun meeting with other Bilingual Friends.
This time I was thinking to share some maths. I love maths and I am always thinking how to make my students faster when they do additions or substractions.
So I planned to do a serie of worksheets to review all the tricks that I give the children to calculate faster.
I am going to start with +9. Something very important because they used to count with their fingers and these kind of addditions can be soooo long. I invented a story to make them think faster and I prepared different worksheets to practise it.
Click here to download it.
Enjoy the freebie while the blog hop!


  1. Hello! Can't wait to check out your freebie! I don't see a link to it or to the next stop on this great bilingual blog hop :).

    1. Thanks Pamela!! Here they are now!! Enjoy!

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