Friday, July 3, 2015

July 4th

The first year I was in USA on July 4th was amazing, first of all for the events and celebrations that took place in the city and secondly for how the family I was with lives this day.

The day before we went to buy some fireworks,

4th of July started with a parade

 we played baseball with all the family,

 We had lunch together in the backyard,

 all the children had a blast playing there while waiting for the next thing to do,

 We had time to do a hike in the afternoon,

 Later there were great games prepared for all the kids,

 Before having dinner we threw our own fireworks,

 And after our dinner we went to dance and see the big fireworks,

It was great!! What a beautiful, unforgettable day!!

Celebrating this 4th of July I am going to share a free activity  for you to encourage your children to write and draw about your own great day (and to share and talk about it). You can download it here. 
To continue hopping you can go to LECTURA PARA NIÑOS


Hope you are having a great holiday!! Enjoy the summer!!