Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I have been working on the board I will put on my wall when I finish the method I am using right now (Estrellita).
Next book I will teach is "Calle de la lectura". This book works, as other English methods, with one main story and a bunch of activities and topic related items. We can find "the most frequent words" used in the story, different "phonetic sounds" (developed in different activities along the unit), "topic and related vocabulary" used in the story...
I usually read the story to the children before starting anything, so they can be prepared for all the things we have to work on. After reading the story and introducing the vocabulary I continue with different activities. We can find an example of a "10 days planning guide" in this pdf:
but if you go to the main page of Utah Spanish Dual Immersion program you will be able to find other resources:
I like to hang these posters to work on the story:

These ones are based on "Las abejas" unit, and I have one different wall for each story.
If you would like to receive this posters you can like me in facebook or follow my blog and I will send you the posters I have.

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