Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let's talk about... HALLOWEEN

Fun Math in Halloween / Matemáticas en Halloween

Math and Halloween are great topics to put together. Children love this day and they enjoy a lot doing any activity related with it. So, let's take advantage of it and let's work on Math having this topic as the main idea.
I am working in reading and comprehending math problems. It is extremely important the students guess if they have to do an addition or a subtraction. It is important also they do this fact in the correct way and fast.
I have prepared some pages that focus on this Math Activities. In the pack there are also flashcards so the children can trace, write, read and learn some vocabulary about Halloween. All the materials are in color and black and white so you can decide how are you going to work with them.
I use them doing centers and the students can work on different tasks while I am with the students who are reading and doing the math problems because I want them to read and think what do they have to do.
In this pages they are divided. One page is for adding and another page is for subtracting but I am going to do some more with mixed problems so they have to think what they need to do.
If  you want to see the activities you can go to my tpt page and download the preview to decide if you are interested in it or not.

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