Tuesday, October 8, 2013

SEP Conferences

It's great to meet with parents but it's exhausting... I have to meet with 60 parents and I have to evaluate their children in front of them, this way they can see how their child is learning Spanish.
This is how my English partner and me do the SEP Conferences...
First of all I start doing the Spanish evaluation.
In this first meeting, because the children has been in Spanish only since August, I have prepared the next:
1. We have learned to say... I like and I don't like so I show the children one face (happy or sad) and one color and the child has to say "I like red" or "I don't like green" depending on what I show to them.

2. I show them some flashcards I have prepared about animals for them to count and say the sentence... There are ....(number)... (animal)

3. We have been working in addition and subtraction in maths so I prepared some flashcards for them to count and add or take away (and also read the number sentence and tell me the answer with a complete sentence).

4. I practice with them the calendar routine everyday in the classroom and here they have to say the date for yesterday, today and tomorrow (days of the week, number, month and season) and also how the weather is that day.

5. And finally, only if I have time, I show them some flashcards with its labels and they have to tell me the vocabulary or they have to read the label, depending on what I show them, finishing the activity matching flashcards and labels together.

Once we have finished with the Spanish test the child goes outside and we can talk in English with the parents. I explained how the progress in Spanish, Maths and Science is and things about behavior, attitude, engagement, expectations...
My English partner explains how the child is doing in English, Language Arts and Reading and the behavior in her class. She also explains other things about the school, tests, DIBELS, intervention, reading groups and levels, Power School (how the parents can see their children grades in the computer) and other things related to school.
In this first Conference we have been doing periods of 20 minutes with each family however some were longer and some shorter... (Most of them were longer..)
Long, long week that is finally over...
I enjoy talking and meeting with the parents but I love (and prefer) being with their children!!

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