Sunday, October 27, 2013

Seeds month

I have been working on seeds during all last month and I want to share some photos and activities we did during this unit.
As you already know one of the activities we did is guessing... "which seed is it?" in order to know some characteristics of the seeds, how are they, where can we find them...
There is a freebie with the activity in case you like it and here is one photo while the students were working on it.

 We also worked on this booklet I made with the information I want them to know. When we talked or worked about something we went to the booklet to do an activity related with it.
We read a nice story about seeds and how can be transformed in something big!! even for winning a prize!
We did some crafts about dandelions and we learn about how seeds can travel.
In Theatre Arts we were seeds and we grew up very high to become a plant...
My students love to play a game with fly swatters and I use it with every goal I want them to learn. The game consists in doing different groups and put them in rows. The first one in the row has a fly swatter. I hang on the wall some answers (depending on the goal I am teaching they are different). In this case where words related with the seeds (tomato, pumpkin, embryo, seed coat...). I ask a question, count to three (the children have some time to look for the answer on the wall), and the first person in each group goes to splash the fly swatter on the correct answer. After that they go to the end of their row and another member of the group has to answer the next question. So easy and so fun!!!
In the first two photos they were working on numbers and reading.
We also plant some seeds so they can learn and draw the process. Each group had a pot to take care and they did it great!!

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