Thursday, October 10, 2013

Seeds, seeds, seeds...

Freebie included about seeds in my new tpt store.
As you know I teach Spanish and We are talking about seeds. One of the activities I did with my first graders was comparing and guessing different seeds.

I worked this unit in different ways. This activity was done while we worked in centers. One group was doing this fun worksheet while the others worked on these other ones:
Art: We made a dandelion from an idea I saw on pinterest.

Reading and coloring: I prepared a book about seeds and with the information I wanted them to know. One group was reading it with me and another one colored after reading.

 Finally, another group worked with the seeds we were growing... They competed to see which group has the biggest plants...

If you'd like to get the freebie about the first activity go to my tpt store and take it. It's free. Enjoy with it!!

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